Smash the
Anger Away



Important Details:

Price: $17 Per Person

1. You must be 14 years or older to participate.
2. Your standalone Glass Package includes 4 glass items per paid guest to smash against the targets.
3. Consumption of alcohol prior to SMASH Room participation is strictly prohibited.
4. The Smash Room can accommodate up to 6 participants at a time, as long as there are no large item add-ons. Large item add-on decreases capacity to 2 participants.
5. OTR Smash will provide safety eye protection and a barrier between you an the target. Close toed shoes are required. 
6. Additional Smashables can be purchased separately, at the next step after selecting Checkout.
7. You are allotted 10 minutes in the Smash Room for the standalone Glass Package experiences. Additional time is needed for check-in, gearing up, and Safety Briefing. Large item add-ons will add additional time. Please see add-on item description for details.
8. Write on your smashables to make it personal and listen to music while you smash your problems away via Alexa.

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